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eGO! is an award-winning e-learning platform intented for the business sector.

Development of this platform started from a blank sheet of paper in order to achieve all goals that were important to us: fast implementation, ease of use, modular development and ability to adapt to client's processes.

Thousands of satisfied users that continuously use eGO! LMS in Serbia and around the world suggest that we have succeeded in our goals.

But development never stops - we follow the latest trends in e-learning and continuously develop new functionalities for our LMS.


Video production

E-learning and video content are often inseparable terms. Video is the most attractive and most effective educational content, but also the type of material that is difficult to produce.

Therefore, we offer our clients professional video content creation. In or out of our studio, with or without copywriting, narration, post-production, music, subtitles... our goal is to make your (video) ideas true!

We can also create animations in order for you to mix a video style with which you are presenting knowledge. This form can be a good way to communicate learning subject in an interesting, funny or movie-like way. Animations can also include additional narration, music and other effects.

In any case, production of video content does not have to be complicated and expensive. Contact us to talk about your ideas and to see how can we produce content that is best for you and your company.



SuperSchool is an award-winning e-learning solution intended for Serbia's elementary school students.

Development of SuperSchool was a 2-year project that resulted in the production of 700 video lessons (more than 100 hours of video material produced).

SuperSchool, as a commercial cloud-based service, offered students (and parents) a complete eco-learning system, and as such, received several awards in the field of educational e-solutions.

Today, SuperSchool is a free service and one of the main tools used to bridge classic and online education in Serbia during the pandemic.


Business video courses

Formatura has produced "Business communication video course", that is offered to companies and employees in Serbia (course is in Serbian language).

This course's intention is to develop soft skills of employees in order to improve their general business knowledge.

This course contains six video segments, written lessons and tests that should check newly aquired knowledge of employees.

Based on your wishes, we can create a complete course on a specific topic.


About e-learning

E-learning enables knowledge transfer with the help of computer technology.

E-learning can be a perfect choice for companies that need to educate large number of employees. This model of learning enables continuous access to educational materials (from any place and in any time), monitoring and quantification of the training process, quick flow of information about products and services, implementation of regulatory trainings, testing and surveys, etc.

E-learning tools also enable companies huge savings on all kind of resources that usually result in better educational content, more efficient learning process and at the end, better business results of the company.

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